Academic Tech Fair 2010 Re-Cap

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2010 Academic Technology Fair.  For those of you who are looking for more information on some of the great topics presented this year, or for those who were unable to attend, all of our materials are now available for download:

DimDim is a web-based, real-time, collaboration solution that allows for easy, cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux, equally) conferencing.  Only presenters who want to share their screens—not attendees—need to install anything.  If you need to present somewhere when it would be inconvenient to go in person, DimDim can help you get there “virtually.”

DimDim Poster [pdf]

Official DimDim site

Kaltura is for sharing video with other people. The Kaltura open source video platform handles all aspects of online video from editing to publishing. Swarthmore is currently evaluating whether the Kaltura platform matches our current or future needs for video distribution; we’re seeking feedback from the community about their anticipated uses of video in the coming months and years.

Kaltura Demo Blog – See an example of using Kaltura with a swarthmore hosted WordPress blog.

Official Kaltura Site

The Lively Sketchbook – Explore possibilities for use of mobile devices in fieldwork, research, or anywhere that you or your students aren’t seated at traditional work spaces. ITS now offers a set of 20 latest-generation iPod touches that faculty can reserve for use as a mobile classroom. Each iPod is loaded with apps specifically designed for notetaking, observation, and field research.

The iPod Touch: A Lively Sketchbook [pdf]

The Lively Sketchbook” – Our mobile project was inspired by this blog post by researcher/consultant Ruben Puentedura.

Many Eyes exemplifies the design goal of transforming visualization from a solitary activity into a collaborative one, utilizing interactive visualizations to help people see and exchange information in novel ways.

Visualization Many Eyes [pdf]

Many Eyes Poster [pdf]

Moodle is Swarthmore’s new learning management system that will replace Blackboard.  We are transitioning from Blackboard to Moodle over the next three semesters.  Learn about the features that Moodle offers and discuss how best to transition your courses to Moodle.

Student Project Showcase

Image of Africa – A courseblog on the history of the representation of Africa.

Natural Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale – This website, created by the 2010 Senior Capstone Seminar of the Environmental Studies department of Swarthmore College, seeks to become a resource for many of the issues surrounding drilling of the Marcellus Shale.

Writing Nature – A courseblog for English 70G, filled with digital stories, journals, and images of the Crum woods. “The course uses the Crum woods as a laboratory setting for the production of multimedia poems and brief memoirs. We spend time grappling with some of the stories inherent in the Crum woods ecosystem as well as the multifaceted story of our relationship to the woods.”

Triceratops: The TriCollege Digital Repository -The purpose of Triceratops, the TriCollege Libraries Institutional Repository is to collect, describe, provide access to, and preserve the digital materials associated with the research and scholarship of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges as well as materials of historical value to the Colleges.


3D Technologies were on display courtesy of Panasonic. For more information on 3D devices presented by Panasonic visit their Official Site.

VGO The Telepresence Robot – Tech Fair attendees were able to take the VGO robot for a spin.

Official VGo Brochure [pdf]

New York Times article on the VGO Robot

VGo Teleconferencing Demo
VGo Teleconferencing Demo