College Mail Server Upgrade 1/17/08

What will change
Email service is not expected to be interrupted; however, you might experience delays in receiving new emails between 4:00am and 8:30am on Thursday, Jan 17th. No changes are being made in the way that you send and receive email.

Additional spam filtering, to identify email messages which are sent from on campus and considered spam. ITS has installed a program called “SpamAssassin” on the College’s mail server. The Subject line is altered to include:[SPAM?] as a visual cue, and is then sent on to your email inbox for further action. We recommend you delete the message. You will continue to receive daily quarantine messages for spam received from off campus.

Why was the change necessary?
The change is necessary, because our current hardware is due to be out of warranty and we are implementing a standby failover system.

Frequently asked questions:

– I cannot access my email
If you are getting an error message please provide us with the message.
Faculty and Staff: Please contact the helpdesk at ext. 4357 or from off campus at 610-328-8513. If you are getting an error message please provide the helpdesk with the message.
Students: Please contact ResTech at ext. 6222 or from off campus at 610-957-6222

– I am getting an SSL certificate popup
In some instances, you might need to acknowledge the new SSL certificate for securely sending and receiving email upon first checking email after the upgrade.