The MakerSpace Reopens

New Touch-Free 3D Print Pick-Up Station

The Makerspace has gone through some transformations over the summer to continue to provide students, faculty, and staff with resources for making while maintaining the safety of everyone using the space. Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

A stylish 3D print pick-up station (shown above). Now, once students have sent a job to one of our 3D printers, they will tag the printer with their email address and job name. Once the print is complete, the tag will be placed on the print, and they will receive an email when it is ready for pick-up.

Two Computers with a Partition Between Them

The Makerspace has been divided into reservable workstations to limit capacity and keep everyone socially distant. The reservation system is still in progress, but the Makerspace is open! Students, faculty, and staff can make a reservation by emailing the Makerspace Manager, Jacquie Tull, to set up an appointment.

Safety Glasses and Ear Muffs with New Used PPE Dispensing Bin

New sanitizing standards have been put into place. Sanitizing spray and wipes are available in various locations around the Makerspace. In addition to routine cleanings by the staff, users of the space are required to include sanitizing touch surfaces and hand tools before and after use into their work time. A new USED PPE dispenser has been created so that used PPE is never placed back on the rack without being sanitized.

For more information about our new safety protocols, please visit the new COVID-19 Use Policy posted on our website.

Not familiar with the Makerspace yet? Get to know us through this video!