AODocs Improvements

AODocs, which we use here at Swarthmore on top of Google Drive to provide some needed functionality, has been improving their product.  Late yesterday they released Version 42 of AODocs, which brings some nice new features for both ITS Systems Administrators and many users.  For those that connect directly through the AODocs interface (log into, not just using the AODocs Smart Bar in Chrome with Google Drive), you can now prevent viewers of your shared content from downloading, copying or printing your shared files.  There are also improvements to the Folder picker interface, allowing you to have more options for moving and creating new folders in that window.  And you now have a better integrated version control menu, along with a bunch of more esoteric administrative updates and bug fixes.

In the next couple of weeks, we’re looking forward to a significantly upgraded AODocs Smart Bar and hopefully within a month or so AODocs willen release tools that will allow you to open not just MS Office files directly from Google Drive into the application they’re associated with, but any sort of file that has a strong association with a particular program!