New version of Chrome is causing some issues

The latest release of the Google Chrome browser (version 45+) has implemented some changes that can affect the appearance and performance of web pages.  The updates are designed to make Chrome use less memory and run faster, but have had some side effects that may cause problems.

The latest version of Chrome has disabled support for many plug-ins including Java and Silverlight.  Content that worked in the past may not display any longer.

Chrome will now “auto-pause Flash content that’s not central to a website.”  If you have a site with a video or other multimedia content that is not functioning, it is possible that Chrome has turned it off to improve battery life on laptops.  More information about this setting is available here:

ITS has also noticed that the content of some web sites does not render properly with the new version of Chrome.  In some cases it is because the site was not coded correctly and in other cases, there may be a bug in the way Chrome displays content.

If you are using Chrome and have noticed troubles with a Swarthmore web site not displaying properly, please let us know at