Faculty/Staff FileMaker Pro 12 System Upgrade

On February 26th, FileMaker server files will be upgraded to the latest version, FileMaker Pro 12.

ITS is upgrading to FileMaker Pro 12 because there is no longer any support for versions before 9. Currently, the FileMaker Server is at version 8.5.  Beginning at 4:30PM on Monday, February 25th the FileMaker Server will be upgraded and will not be available until Tuesday, February 26th at 4:30PM.  FileMaker 12 introduces a new file format: fmp12.   Files created using the older fp7 file format will need to be converted before you can use them with FileMaker 12.  Once a file has been converted to the new format it will no longer be available to an older FileMaker Pro client.

During the scheduled upgrade window, ITS recommends that all Faculty/Staff FileMaker server users upgrade their desktop client to version 12.  FileMaker version 12 software for both the Mac and PC can be downloaded from the ITS Software page: http://www.swarthmore.edu/its/software-installers.xml

Please contact Robin Jacobsen (email ‘jacobsen@swarthmore.edu’) or Rhoni Ryan (email ‘rryan1@swarthmore.edu’) if you have any questions.