Learn “Things Everyone Should Know” by David Pogue at The New York Times

David Pogue
David Pogue, columnist for The New York Times

If you’ve ever been working with your smartphone or computer and thought, “there has to be an easier way to do this”, it turns out you’re most likely right.

David Pogue’s recent articles at The New York Times, “Ins and Outs of Gadgetry” and “25 More Things Everyone Should Know” offer tips and tricks to make the technology-related aspects of your life easier. In these articles Pogue covers a wide range of topics from filling out online forms, to spotting “phishing” attemps in your inbox.

Below Pogue addresses the practice of capturing screenshots on both Windows and Mac OSX platforms:


*In Windows, PrintScreen key copies the whole screen image, as a graphic, onto your invisible Clipboard, so you can paste into an e-mail message or any other program (“This is what I’m seeing! What do I do now?!”). If you add the Alt key, you copy only the front window.

*On the Mac, press Command-Shift-3. (Command is the key with the propeller on it, next to the Space bar.) You hear a snapshot sound, and you get a graphics file on your desktop—a picture of the entire screen image.

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