SwatFiles Drive

Have you tried SwatFiles – the system that lets you store and share your files online?  You can upload your files and access them from any computer with an Internet connection – no VPN needed.  In addition, you can share your files with selected colleagues whether at Swarthmore or not.  You can also use SwatFiles as a drop box, simple wiki system, and a web server .  All faculty, staff, and students have space on the system.  You can access SwatFiles at swatfiles.swarthmore.edu.

For the folks that are already using SwatFiles, one common question is how to easily edit files.  If you use the web-based interface, you need to download the file to your computer, edit it, and then upload it again when you are done.  You can avoid the hassle if you use the SwatFiles Drive.  The drive installs on both Windows and Macintosh  and makes SwatFiles appear just like another hard drive.  You can search through folder, double click to open files, and save files directly to SwatFiles.

Due to licensing restrictions, the SwatFiles drive is only available to faculty and staff. To download the SwatFiles drive, visit the ITS Software page.