Important Backup Information for Community Members Who Have a College-Provided Macintosh as Their Primary Work Computer

To all community members who have a College-provided Macintosh as their primary work computer*: It is especially important that faculty have their computer backup software up-to-date before leaving campus for the summer.

A new Macintosh client has been released for the College’s backup software (LiveBackup from Atempo).  This release has been in testing by ITS staff for several weeks and is now available to campus.

Typically, software notifies you when an update is ready and all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen. This release of LiveBackup is different and is only activated when you restart your computer.

We recommend that you reboot your computer soon and install this update. The new version is designed to work more efficiently, and to work more effectively with the latest version of the LiveBackup server software.  (Windows clients will be upgraded automatically and will not need manual installation.)

Please reboot and, when prompted, download the file, double-click to extract the contents, and run “LiveBackup for Mac.pkg”. The LiveBackup update will step you through the installation. Do not change the default install location. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer again.

Alternatively, you can find the most recent Atempo client version on the software server at:

“smb://data-software/Software/Macintosh_Software/Faculty and Staff only/AtempoLiveBackup/3.31/”

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact the Help Desk at or use the new ITS Service Request link on the Dashboard.

Gayle Barton
Chief Information Technology Officer

*If you don’t think you have the LiveBackup software on your primary office Macintosh computer, please contact the Help Desk. We will setup a time with you to do the initial installation and set up.