Blackboard Content Manager

ITS has recently updated the Blackboard course management system to include the Blackboard Content Manager. Similar to Swatfiles but for course related materials, the Content Manager allows faculty and staff to store material online for use in their courses.

Some uses for the Blackboard Content Manager:

  • Group file exchange: a course folder can be set up to allow all members of the course to add or modify files.
  • File Sharing: Permissions on files can be set to any user or group of users within Blackboard. This makes it easy to share files with all students in a course, colleagues, or all members of a project group. Files can also be made public which means that anyone with an Internet connection can access material.
  • Web Publishing: Each file uploaded to the Content Manager has a URL that can be shared with others. To publish a set of web pages or files, put the files in the Content Manager, make them viewable by the public, and publicize the URL.
  • File Updating: If the same file is used in many courses, it can be uploaded into the content system and linked to from each course. If the file needs to be changed, the change can be made in one place. Linking a widely used file also reduces the storage required for the system.
  • Portfolios: Students can create portfolios through the Content Manager and publish them online.

To get started, click on the new “Content Manager” tab in Blackboard. You will be able to upload content to your personal content area (“My Content”) or your course areas.

There is more information available on the TriCo Blackboard Wiki.

For more information, contact Andrew Ruether (aruethe2 or x8254).