Evision’s Argos Reporting Tool Acquired

It is our pleasure to announce that the College has a new Banner reporting tool: Evision’s Argos. Argos (Adhoc Report Generation and Output Solution) will eventually replace our existing Hummingbird reporting tool after several months of having both fully operational to facilitate the transition. This will be a significant change for many of your staff who use Banner intensively, and training is available.

The decision to use Argos came after months of deliberation from the Banner Steering Committee and ITS. The committee is confident that Argos fits our current and future reporting needs. We are particularly excited that Argos is a product which strictly caters to Banner schools.

We are thankful to the Banner Steering Committee for its hard work on this project. We would be happy to discuss the choice and the process, if you wish, and we ask for your continued support and enthusiasm as we begin the transition from one tool to the next.

Martin O. Warner, Registrar & Chair of the Banner Steering Committee
Rhoni A. Ryan, ITS & Leader of the New Reporting Tool Taskforce