Classrooms get brighter video projectors

Over the summer, Media Services worked with contractor Total Video Products to install new video projectors in various classrooms around campus. The new Sony projectors are 15% brighter than the model they replace.

With brighter projectors, instructors will be better able to project video images on the screen while keeping a greater number of lights on in the classroom as well as having the option of opening more window shades.

Swarthmore College now has 70 smart classrooms and seminar rooms around campus. Smart classrooms have audio and video components that can be controlled from a single interactive touch panel in the classroom. Media Services can also electronically monitor those same classrooms from a central computer that is connected, via the Swarthmore network, to each classroom. This helps Media Services to better respond to A/V emergencies, maintain the equipment, and reduce waste.

if you would like a demonstration of the A/V equipment in the classrooms, please contact us at or x6201.

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