Student Employment

Beyond the creative resources at CoRaL, we envision Swarthmore students taking a lead role in the management and maintenance of the proposed space. Students could be trained and train others in the field of specimen preservation, they could curate the changing displays within the space, and they could also be in charge of daily operation and upkeep. As the Writing Center and Media Center have shown, student involvement in campus resources generates a sense of ownership among students and fosters a sense of openness for students to utilize the space.

Possible work-study opportunities:

– Curatorial management

– Conservation & preservation of specimens and artifacts

– Acquisitions & archiving of new objects

– Circulation & reference management

– Development & implementation of workshops

– Daily maintenance

– Research support


Images below are from the student employment handbook for the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD.


 RISD025 (1)RISD_butterfly logan_skeletn