Other Institutions

Academic institutions across the country, many similar to Swarthmore, are developing facilities that share CoRaL’s basic philosophy: non-disciplinary spaces that bring people together through inspiration and creation. Many of these institutions, such as Davidson or Haverford, have found this in the trend of MakerSpaces: facilities aimed at providing resources for¬†digital fabrication, such as 3D Printers, lazer cutters, and CNC mills, that hope to engender innovation through technological possibility. Other institutions, such as RISD, have created amazing collections of objects that are accessible to the entire community, be it for inspiration, intrigue, or research. Below is a list of some of those institutions and their non-disciplinary facilities.


Wheaton College: WHALE

Black Mountain College

Haverford College: KINSC Maker Space

Davidson College: Campus Maker and Innovation Space (Studio M)

Havard University: Wyss Institute Bioinspired Robotics

Smith College: Center for Design and Fabrication

RISD: Edna Lawrence Nature Lab


University of Mary Washington: MakerSpace

UW-Madison: Morgridge Rapid Protyping Center

Purdue University: Artisan and Fabrication Lab (AFL)

University of Southern California: Student Innovation Center

University of Southern California: Undergraduate Fabrication Lab

Northwestern University: Nuvention

Harvard University: Innovation Lab

Duke University: Innovation Co-lab

Georgia Tech version of Garage Physics and Invention Studio

North Carolina State University: Garage and proposed innovation center

Stanford University: Fablab

MIT: Fablab

MIT Architecture (Video)

University of Pennsylvania: Ed. Tech Incubator

University of Florida: Innovation Academy 

Lehigh University: Maker Space

Wisconsin University: Garage

University of Michigan: MakerBridge

College of William and Mary: Small Hall Makerspace

University of Toronto: Critical Making