Update on the Campus Calendar

In September 2007, Communications and ITS launched a new Campus Calendar to serve as a central web site for campus event publicity. The success of this initiative has depended on the participation of the entire community.

How are we doing? Very well. Since launch, page views of the calendar have climbed steadily and substantially month to month:

Sept 2007: 40,547 (page views)
Oct 2007: 66,911
Nov 2007: 103,345

Over 800 events have been advertised since launch including performances, lectures, athletic meets, advising periods, worship meetings, student group meetings, exhibits. We’re a busy campus.

As use of the calendar grows, we’re using it to solve more problems. For example, Human Resources and Career Services have used the event registration feature to allow students, faculty, and staff to register for workshops and events with limited enrollments.

Everyone Can Submit Events
Just look for the “submit events” link on the Campus Calendar and fill out the form. News & Information will review your submission and publish it to the calendar.

A limited number of super user accounts are available for departments who need to enter a lot of events or wish to use the registration feature.

Future Developments

Over winter break, we’ll add a listing of the day’s events and upcoming deadlines to the student and faculty/staff dashboards.

Also, we’re currently helping departments include an automated events listing on their websites. Some examples:
English Literature
Career Services
If you would like to add an events listing to your departmental site, please contact Kelly Mueller (kmuelle1).

Please send any suggestions or questions to calendar@swarthmore.edu.