doin the dirty

summer rain was always such a treat. it cooled the air, and filled the air with that certain, indescribable smell, that Im sure everybody has smelled before. It also gave us kids an excuse to go outside. The rain cooled us off, and the whole idea of running around in the rain simply fascinated us. When it rained, all the kids in the neighborhood would get together, and play some kind of sport, like football or soccer. As a result of this boisterous play and the precipitation, we would always get very, very dirty. The ground had been made soft from the rain, and us running around just tore up whoever’s backyard we were playing in. However, a little bit of mud didn’t stop us, and we would return home hours later, absolutely covered in mud. This always got me an earful from my parents, but I didn’t mind; I had too much fun in the rain and mud to have my bubble burst. Even today, when the rain starts falling, I get this itch to just go out, run around, and get positively filthy.

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