miscellaneous thoughts

The idea of climbing a tree was something that always fascinated my friends and I when we were growing up. The trees were incredibly tall, and we could only image what the view from the top of one would be like. We were always amazed at how easily the squirrels made it up and down the trees; whenever we tried to climb them, we would just cut out hands. The squirrels seemed so at ease in the tree. They would scurry up, down and all around them; they would leap from branch to branch without even the slightest hesitation. It was truly a marvelous sight for our young eyes.
Eventually, we came across a tree in somebody’s backyard that had low limbs. We studied the tree and realized that the lowest branches were just low enough to grab if we jumped. Thus, we began jumping. However the first couple of attempts were unsuccessful. We had underestimated how hard it was to grab the branch, and wound up doing a number on our hands. We would not be denied our glory, however. We kept trying and trying, and eventually we were all able to grab onto the branch, and pull ourselves up to sit on it. The feeling of accomplishment was amazing. We felt like we were on top of the world, even though we were about 6 feet off the ground. We were so satisfied with our success that we didn’t even consider trying to climb higher. We had gone through to much to make it this far, and the next branch was to high to reach, anyway.

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