Field Journal Week 13

November 23, 2010  1 pm clear, 57 degrees F

I am sitting in the crum near the field house on this day before break begins, feeling increasingly excited to go home. I have been trying to expand my photo selection, searching for things out of the ordinary to capture. It seems that when I am actually LOOKING for something interesting, it never comes by. That always seems the case. However, when I don’t have my camera, all things interesting come out, taunting me.

What is interesting? What makes things photo-worthy? I don’t know if I can answer that exactly. Things that I don’t normally see? So am I what makes things interesting? Does the fact that I don’t normally find these things make them interesting? I don’t know if I am even making sense…

I am excited to go home for a bit of a break… I live on the top of a hill, and a huge field welcomes you into my neighborhood. I always used to ride my dirt bike over the hills, gliding in the air for a few seconds, thinking I was so badass… I would rip around the field, flinging dead grass into the air. The thrill of the wind in my face was incredible. But now the field is full of corn. What would it be like to ride through there? How many creatures and homes would I happen upon? I bet there would be plenty of great photo ops in there.

The weather is starting to get colder, even though it is nice today. I can feel the winter approaching. At night, I can’t believe how cold I am walking back to my dorm, seeing the puff of translucent white air rise to the dark sky. I am going to need to break out my winter jacket. Even the coats of dogs and squirrels are getting thicker. I often feel sorry for the birds and other animals that have to endure the cold. What do they feel? They cannot escape it unless they find a warm place to hide. But nothing could be as warm as our heated houses and fireplaces.

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