living it

i was very intrigued by Tomashow’s writings on what he calls place-based perceptual ecology. i agree with him in the sense that fully immersing yourself in what you are learning about can add so much to the experience. the concept of learing about nature wile you are walking through the woods, for instance, gives you a much deeper connection to what you are learning about. it provides something tangible, so you can instantly see that what you are learning isn’t just some words on a piece of paper in a book published by some people. i also think that Tomashow is right when he observes that placed-based ecology can allow people to become more aware of the different specimens that make up the environment. if you are studying a certain plant for instance, you can easily see how other things in the environment interact with that plant, for example, what kind of bugs it attracts. it really can heighten you understanding of what exactly can go on in the woods. i very much enjoy reading in the woods. the atmosphere that is created with the winds blowing through the trees, and the birds chirping intermittently, is much more relaxing than the cramped feeling of reading in your room. it puts my mind at ease, allowing me to become completely engrossed in the literature. i wish i could read in the woods at this time of year. but i guess i’d rather be warm than freeze my toes off.

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