we are not alone

Its hard to have a bad day when you see a deer when you are walking through the woods. Mark and I were out in the woods today after class taking pictures for our stories, when all of a sudden I looked up and saw a deer standing on a sand embankment in the middle of the creek. I didn’t believe my eyes. It was a large buck with an impressive set of antlers. I made a sound and the deer turned and looked right at us. It held our stare for 5, 10 seconds. What was it thinking? Did it know what we were? I’ll never know the answers to these questions, but I do know that he was cool with us playing in his yard. He went back to his business, and continued walking in the river, until he was out of sight. We both stood there for a second, still trapped in the moment. A minute later, we decided to try and track it through the woods. We walked down the river a little, but turned back when we realized that we weren’t going to find it again. This was the first time I had actually observed a deer in the crum. It was fascinating to just get a peek into a day in the life. He looked so comfortable in his surroundings.

ps. I do have a picture, ill get it up as soon as get my hands on a card reader

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