[HELP!! I don’t know how to end this!!]

The sounds fade out as I see him sitting ahead, staring in my direction.//

I feel the life within me.

As my muscles tense I am still,

Calm and quiet on the surface,

yet a fire is roaring beneath.//

My mouth overflows with saliva as my hair stands on end

My limbs begin to tingle, a warmness travels down to the pads of my feet

Only the soft mud oozing between my toes can cool the burning.//

It is a perfect time to strike

My feet slowly dig into the cool ground

My chest feels as if it will explode

I can hear the booming of my heart from outside of my body//

A chaotic storm is inside me,

Yet I cannot move.

I feel paralyzed, my legs refuse to budge

If I move, he may see me and run.

I must wait for the perfect moment to arise.//

What is he looking at?

What is that sound?//

The strong winds rustle my surroundings

It is getting colder now, and my feet disappear beneath the leaves falling to the ground.

The stones around me are cold, hard, and strong.

I must have been standing here for a while.//

My hair sways with the breeze

The whistling sounds are distracting,

and I feel the edges of my ears getting colder

I want the quiet.//

A fox must have a den nearby… I can smell his foul urine

The sweet scent of hay captivates me,

enough to keep me in my place//

I love the wonderful breeze that accompanies joggers striding past

It carries from them

Something so different from the woods themselves.

It is as if they bring their lives with them

Introducing different foods and animals.//

As I slowly approach him,

I wonder if he can smell me as much as I can smell him.//

The rustling of the leaves above me momentarily takes my mind off of the spotlight.

I find myself immediately glancing up, my body’s innate reaction to the sound.//

The cold makes my nose water

And it drips back into my throat as I glance up//

[pan down to ground level]

That crucial moment, the one where I lost my focus, allowed him an escape.

I knew I shouldn?? let those smells distract me!

I will work on that next time.

It is too still around me now, and he is gone. I must continue my journey.//

I scan my surroundings,

finding a new source of fascination with each turn…

I see a bird in the distance, and he hasn’t moved in a while

Maybe he can’t move… that might be fun!

But he is too far away, and it wouldn’t be much of a game…//

I feel the tingling in my limbs still lingering, the heat slowly fading

My eyes scan my surroundings and the sun glistens, reflecting off of the wet grass.

Sparkling like tiny crystals, I am forced to shield my eyes.//

Pacing quietly through the leafy ground,

I listen for the slightest rustling, the slightest challenge.//

Until I hear the whistle that makes me whole again.

Every fiber in my body relaxes

and I find myself bounding toward the source of the muffled call.

I feel so alive!//

What a world I live in.

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