Unity Over Time: A Ghazal

Inducted without beginning,

disparate parts unify through drifts of time.

Chlorophyll draining from leaves,

ends photosynthesis to start new life

Alleles, individuals, and taxa drift

Shifting like the sands of time

Signs of vigor multiply over

the world, wiping each other into obscurity

Layers of plants intertwine,

Stretching back across the millenia, living, dieing, and decomposisng

Fossils shift and swirl on their journey to the future,

encased in shale like a museum display

A thousand species of butterfly

Wend through hypervolumes integrated over time

The wind blows with the same

Oxygen molecules breathed throughout the millennia

Clouds swirl overhead,

Dropping rain in bundles of oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur

Emergent consistency:

The eternal zeitgeist of the forest

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