how many worlds can you see

and how many do you miss?//

how many children do you birth

and how many limbs do you keep?//

how many rains do you taste,

and are they sweeter on colder days?//

how many bruises do you have,

how many tears can you take?//

how many storms break you,

and how do you heal?//

can the sun melt me

as it has melted you?//

kneeling in frost, i’ve lost touch with my fingers.//

my cooling veins, my numbing skin,

my hardened bones, my weight

meeting you, crushing you,

taking you in, warming you//

with each exhale, our airs

spiraling out, invisible and faint://

i give you your life,

you give me mine//

with each inhale.

// denotes a line break–something is not working with my formatting in this post.

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