week 11: cold. cold. cold. (journal entry; not fragmentary form.)

Went into the Crum at 7:25am. Took many pictures. Froze.

Will write more after I regain sensation in my fingers.

Update 11.16.10: Last Friday morning’s venture into the Crum was, as the title of this entry suggests, very cold. I would recommend to anyone considering photographing so early in the day to wear extra layers of clothing and to have warm gloves on hand. There was one point where my fingers would not move more than a centimeter in any direction–scary moment. I had to put my camera down and jump up and down in place to generate some warmth about my body. I gathered my hands before my mouth and tried to heat them back to life. But I was determined to get shots of the frost melting into dew, so I stayed for a good hour and a half outside, taking as many photos as I can with frozen hands. At one point I grew really frustrated because my breath was fogging up all the photos I took, and while I normally appreciate the aesthetic quality of misty pictures, I was also trying to get clearer shots of the reflections in the dew drops.

I was so happy when the sun rose up higher into the sky and spilled all over the grass on which I stood. Warmth! With the increased amount of sunlight, the dew drops began to melt down their icy cages. I proceeded to take photos until the battery ran out.

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