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a controlled burn

the native american practice of burning the trees to stimulate species diversity/develop a food chain is quite an interesting practice. They needed to work with the land in order to survive. They had much more of an interest in the … Continue reading

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we are not alone

Its hard to have a bad day when you see a deer when you are walking through the woods. Mark and I were out in the woods today after class taking pictures for our stories, when all of a sudden … Continue reading

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Ghazal Script

Manicured lawns border the unnatural rows of delicate, rare foreign specimens Nothing more than a controlled experiment, carefully monitored by austere men in white lab coats. The sirens song still bellows from a concealed cassette player, Compiled from sessions recorded … Continue reading

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The wind sings a foreboding tune, As it rattles through the empty limbs. Everything that had once belonged to the trees, Is now laid out in full array, blanketing the earth A single red drop falls from the canopy above, … Continue reading

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[HELP!! I don’t know how to end this!!] The sounds fade out as I see him sitting ahead, staring in my direction.// I feel the life within me. As my muscles tense I am still, Calm and quiet on the … Continue reading

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Share The Road

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The Green Horde

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june’s 2nd project: “Silk”

*Music credit to Chan Wai Fat, “Dream (instrumental)”

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Worm Earth

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