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Fragmented future

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Fragmented future

Who built the concrete heart? Where do the bloodied footsteps lead? How do the birds feel to have their poems interrupted? How does a frog leap when the ground is shaking? Where the automotive platelets congeal, is it a scar, … Continue reading

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Ghazal Script

Manicured lawns border the unnatural rows of delicate, rare foreign specimens Nothing more than a controlled experiment, carefully monitored by austere men in white lab coats. The sirens song still bellows from a concealed cassette player, Compiled from sessions recorded … Continue reading

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The wind sings a foreboding tune, As it rattles through the empty limbs. Everything that had once belonged to the trees, Is now laid out in full array, blanketing the earth A single red drop falls from the canopy above, … Continue reading

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[HELP!! I don’t know how to end this!!] The sounds fade out as I see him sitting ahead, staring in my direction.// I feel the life within me. As my muscles tense I am still, Calm and quiet on the … Continue reading

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Unity Over Time: A Ghazal

Inducted without beginning, disparate parts unify through drifts of time. Chlorophyll draining from leaves, ends photosynthesis to start new life Alleles, individuals, and taxa drift Shifting like the sands of time Signs of vigor multiply over the world, wiping each … Continue reading

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how many worlds can you see and how many do you miss?// how many children do you birth and how many limbs do you keep?// how many rains do you taste, and are they sweeter on colder days?// how many … Continue reading

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My eyes pan up, up, I raise my chin whispering to myself, imagine the wind. I wrote a poem when I was small about that exact space, right where the branches meet the wind. Their tiny bodies at its mercy … Continue reading

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