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living it

i was very intrigued by Tomashow’s writings on what he calls place-based perceptual ecology. i agree with him in the sense that fully immersing yourself in what you are learning about can add so much to the experience. the concept … Continue reading

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Week 12 Journal

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Reading Water, then and now

I first read Water in seventh grade. It was our primary social studies text, since I went to a science-focused charter school. Even then, I was amazed by the role that biotic elements of the ecosystem played in the water … Continue reading

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‘Weeds Are Us’ Field Journal, Sept. 10, 10

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Week 2: field journal entry

“I’ve picked a quiet place to sit among the holly trees. There are some track members running through every now and then. I guess I don’t mind the temporary and fleeting traces of human as much as I mind the … Continue reading

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