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Change: Anticipating a return

The Crum is much emptier now than when we first got to know it. When I walk through the woods now, in freezing temperatures, everything is still. The only motion comes from the last few falling leaves and the bitter … Continue reading

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Field Journal Week 9

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Week 8: spider web, daddy long legs, and 3 confessions–

I’ve stopped writing my journal entries in the Crum because when I sit still for too long, I get bitten by mosquitoes. On my hands. On my face. So I’ve switched over to the non-organic ways of the computer. On … Continue reading

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Week 7: mosquitoes?

I need help with identification! Are any of these mosquitoes?

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Week 4: My Little Friend

Before I start this, yes, I made it through elementary school, and I know spiders are not insects. Anywho: There’s a spider in my shower at home. It’s some long-legged variety: a BB of a torso with hair-thin legs bending … Continue reading

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Instincts Towards Insects – Field Journal, 9/21/10

I came out into the Crum in search of inspiration for my digital story. I know I want it to be about photosynthesis, and how photosynthesis is beautiful. But I don’t know how to convince other people that it’s as … Continue reading

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Field Journal Week 4

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Week 4, Insects Journal Entry

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How lucky are insects to hardly ever be caged like birds, deprived of their ability to fly. I can hardly believe it’s considered an humane practice at all. I guess that’s the trouble with our word “humane.” It’s contemplated much … Continue reading

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Week 4, Insects, and the things that eat them (photos)

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