Creating Art with Brain Waves

Personal EEG devices (Emotiv, NeuroSky, the list goes on) have been around for a few years now, and people are using them for everything from marketing experiments, to “optimizing” their cognitive performance, to flying drones simply by thinking “up” “down” “left” or “right.”

The technology, which has been confined to laboratories and hospitals for decades, is now being marketed to consumers as a tool for home science experiments, meditation enhancement, and entertainment. The potential applications seem endless, and in our highly connected world, the implications are fascinating.

Some of my favorite stories are those of artists – people creating music without ever touching an instrument, paintings without holding a brush, and performance installations controlled by one’s emotional state.

Please enjoy the article, video, and website links above. Perhaps you’ll think of your own classroom application for a personal EEG device.  If you do, we’d love to hear your ideas and provide assistance.