Redo the double pendulum experiment with better and newer hardware.

  • Use an air track to get oscillating masses instead of pendulum (or some kind of “air” bearing) (to reduce friction).
  • Measure position/velocity  wirelessly (so no friction), or with a permanently mounted webcam with image processing software.
  • Put everything together in a robust and easy-to-use package.

This project combines, mechanical, electrical (maybe) and computer work.

Design and build an wing (or other structure) with integrated digital pressure sensors (perhaps with wifi or bluetooth) so that multiple pressure measurements can be taken with minimal (or no) physical connections to the data acquisition system.

A sample of a sensor (cheaper sensors are available) is at: SSCDANT030PG2A3 Honeywell Sensing and Control | 480-3338-ND | DigiKey.

From Rebecca Roberts in the Scott Arboretum:

The Scott Arboretum is exploring the opportunity to bring DATA GARDEN to the campus in fall 2013.  We hope this will be a great opportunity to collaborate with other departments and involve students. Data Garden will design exhibits throughout the gardens that encourage exploration of the natural environment through live musical performance and sculpture that blurs the distinction between the biological and digital worlds. They exhibited at Bartram’s Garden last year, check out the video:

The “bio-interactive” art installations focus on connections between plants, music, and technology. They use electronic impulses produced by plants to generate music; crossing of biology, engineering, and musical disciplines. Making a unique blending of arts and sciences.

 These exhibit will grace the campus for 3 days culminating a concert in the Scott Outdoor Amphitheater. Electronic musician and sound artist, Tim Hecker will headline the concert with 2 to 3 opening acts. This would be a great opportunity for student groups, classes, and projects.

 With a proposed date of October 2013, there is plenty of time to incorporate efforts into syllabi for Fall 2013 semester.

 Those interested in becoming involved in this project should contact Becky Robert at 610-328-8023 or by Aug. 31.

-- Rebecca Robert PR and Volunteer Programs Coordinator The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College 500 College Avenue Swarthmore, PA 19081 Phone: (610) 328-8023 Fax: (610) 328-7755