Build a system that would allow for the creation of custom mosaics like the one shown below.  The user would design mosaic and choose colors (based on available glazes).  The individual tiles would then be formed (cut from a slab of wet clay?), dried, glazed and fired.

TIle mural 1


This project has an interesting mix of hardware and software and ceramics.

This seems like a useful design tool, but I’ve seen nothing like it.

Design and build a wireless timer for students giving talks.  The student tlaking would have an LCD display that counts down the time left in the talk.  A green LED could come on at some time as a warning, followed by a red one (and a buzzer?) closer to the end.

The person moderating the talk would have access to the timer through a web page.

The project is not incredibly difficult, but there is a wide variety of  tasks (hardware/software/networks…) and the system must be robust and low power.