Forming Habits

So, I found this hard to keep up, which is evident if you check the date on this entry and the last one.

I’m going to take another stab at this, and make it less complicated. Part of the problem is that the actual notes I take on readings are more informal and private than I found it comfortable to share as a public transcript of note-taking, but trying to make them more formal and creditable to my sense of scholarly decorum made my practices of notation burdensome. My note-taking for research projects will continue in the formats I presently use (I’m working with Notability right now, but I am weighing whether to continue with that or not.) My note-taking here I will try to use as a way to go over my backlog of unread books and articles, and so make it more a matter of “summary notes” that I might use to jog my memory or mentally bookmark a reading for later specific uses. We will see. If I can keep it up and turn this into a habit, I will make an effort to draw more attention to this blog.