Ramazani Visits Swarthmore

Professor Jahan Ramazani, Edgar F. Shanon Professor of English Literature at the University of Virginia, gave his talk “Poetry and Postcolonialism” on March 31st, 2010 to an inquisitive audience. His talk explored how poetry, specifically postcolonial poetry, draws on the fields of law, prayer, song, and other cultural practices, blurring distinctions between these conventionally separated spheres. Examining the poetry of Patience Agabi, Lorna Goodison, Nourbese Philip, and Agha Shahid Ali, Professor Ramazani distinguished postcolonial poetry from the discourses from which it draws. Presenting what he considered to be a fresh body of ideas, Professor Ramazani found the questions and feedback from Swarthmore students and faculty “hugely stimulating”.

–Aakash Suchak

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