Movable Border Wall Construction Suspended Temporarily

The No Texas Border Wall coalition, an amalgam of environmental and activist groups, praises DHS’s decision to suspend temporarily construction of a movable Border Wall in three areas, near Roma, Rio Grande City, and Los Ebanos, while calling for a review and suspension of current fence construction. The group also calls for President-elect Obama to end construction of the Border Wall once he takes office.

DHS cites sensitivity to treaties with Mexico and hydraulic problems in building the Wall on a floodplain among the principle reasons for temporarily suspending construction of the Wall. To be sure, most RGV residents already knew that the Border Wall in these areas was not going to be completed by December 31, 2008–the target date mandated by Congress. In addition, residents in areas such as Los Ebanos have actively fought DHS in court since the “movable” Wall would bisect their property while not allowing, in many cases, direct access to land. Finally, many border residents and perhaps even DHS itself are not clear on what a movable fence looks like. This lack of clarity has added to the atmosphere of mistrust and confusion about the construction of the Border Wall. For more information on the No Texas Border Wall coalition see,

“The No Border Wall coalition calls upon President-elect Obama to appoint a new Secretary of Homeland Security who will reject Michael Chertoff’s failures and refuse to play politics with the lives and property of border residents. He should enact a moratorium on further border wall construction until a non-partisan organization such as the Government Accountability Office can review both the impacts of the walls that have already been built and the foreseeable impacts of proposed walls” –No Border Wall Coalition